Etichetă: 7529 years of continuity

A Great Civilization of the Prehistoric World

Prehistoric World C U C U T E N I 💙💛❤ Today, more than ever, the understanding of the present and the future is connected to the past. The Cucuteni civilization is the expression of a dynamic, well-organized society that created numerous art objects, which fascinate and touch the modern man. We are happy to […]

The C R E A T O R S

🔥 Titans v e r s u s Giants ⚔️ In the beginning of our era, in a letter sent to the leader of Dacians – Cothyso, the Latin poet Ovid names him and his people “People descended from the Gods”. Six centuries earlier, the Greek poet Pindar, citing Phrenicus of Heraclea, wrote about the […]

The Mystery of the Danube Civilisation

Europe’s 💙💛❤ oldest civilisation Harald Haarmann, German savant: “The oldest writing in the world is that of Tărtăria – Romania. The Danubian Civilization is the first great civilization in history, preceding by thousands of years the Sumerian civilization.” Marco Merlini, Italian archaeologist, about the Tărtăria tablets and the bones found along with them: “The bones, […]