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✨ Milenii de Cultură ✨

IMEX 🇺🇸 VEGAS WTM Londra 🇬🇧 ✨ Milenii de Cultură ✨ Am spus povestea noastră și pe continentul nord american, Las Vegas IMEX USA și în Europa, Londra World Travel Market. Povestea Locurilor, un concept de comunicare B2B Strategy ™ Vezi tot conceptul OLD Europe prezentat în 2016 la cele mai mari târguri de turism […]

Roots Experience 💙💛❤

⚔️ GETÆ ⚔️ André Armand: “Indeed this is one of the oldest peoples of Europe… be them Thracians, Getes or Dacians. The peoples have remained the same since the Neolithic era, polished stone era, until today, so sustaining the continuity of a nation by example, maybe unique in the history of the world.” ✨ PELASGIANS […]

The Ancestors of Humanity

The incredible 🇷🇴 story of mankind The Primary ۞ Geometry That the Pelasgians reached all the corners of the world and influenced, enriched and also gave birth to many cultures around the world, there is no doubt. This is the greatest cover-up in the history of humanity. When they were already flourishing in the Carpatho-Danubian-Pontic […]