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🏛️ GETÆ 🏛️

The wisdom 🇷🇴 within the souls Pythagoras (580 B.C. – 495 B.C.), Law 1143: “Travel to the Getes, not to give them laws, but to learn from them. There the fields are boundless, all lands are common. And out of all peoples they are the wisest, Homer tells us.” Homer in the Iliad, says about […]

The Philistines / Canaanites

The Hittite E M P I R E Some of the oldest written sources reveal that around 2.000 B.C., the Khabiru people – the word Khabiru being used with the meaning of mercenary, confederate, associate – were enlisted as soldiers tofight in the armies of the kings of Larsa and Assur. They appeared in the […]

The Kabyles (Amazigh)

The dust of time… In North and Northwestern Africa, on the west side of the Nile River, live the “Berbers”, as the Arabs call them, or Kabyle, Imazighen (singular: Amazigh), Imazyen or Tamazight, as they call themselves; they number approximately 23 million people, residing in enclaves scattered throughout Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and […]

🏛️ Primus Getarum 🏛️

🏛️ GETÆ 🏛️ Primus Getarum Legislator 💙💛❤ Pitagora (580 î.H – 495 î.H), face referiri la valorile superioare ale geţilor. În „Legea 1143” el spune: „Călătoreşte la geţi nu ca să le dai legi, ci să tragi învăţăminte de la ei. La geţi toate pământurile sunt fără margini, toate pământurile sunt comune. Și dintre toate […]