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The world’s best ROADS 🇷🇴

TOP GEAR Driving Through Transylvania and Wallachia One of our favourite roads in Europe is Transfăgărășan Highway in Romania. Many might recognize this as the road Jeremy Clarkson said to be “The world’s best road” in one Top Gear episode (S14E01), dropping the fabulous Stelvio Pass from first to second place. TOP GEAR Driving inside […]

Transfăgărășan 💙💛❤

the SFINX from Transfăgărășan Probably the best touristic experience in the world 🇷🇴 Top 10 tourist 💙💛❤ experiences in ROMANIA ● The titans ⚔️ war ⚔️ ● the 🔥 real story 🔥 of Dracula ● Hiking in Carpathian mountains ● the SFINX from Transfăgărășan ● Wine tasting in famous vineyards ● Cucuteni Museum from Piatra […]