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7529 years of continuity * R⊕MANIA Old Europe 🇷🇴 We have all the archaeology, anthropology, genetics, biology, linguistics, geology, folklore etc. to back that up. But it makes it even clearer since the historical documents go hand in hand with the multidisciplinary domains and the research which stands as proof. Open the gates to begin the journey, Pelasgians, the incredible story of mankind, a journey in time, 🇷🇴 a story never told 🇷🇴

The first Civilisation of Europe 🇷🇴

Happy Birthday 🇷🇴 ROMANIA 🇷🇴 7529 years of continuity … a story never told 🇷🇴 Marija Gimbutas – professor at U.C.L.A. – Civilization and Culture: “Romania is the hearth of what I named Old Europe, a cultural entity of 6.500 – 3.500 B.C., based on a matriarchal society, theocratic, peaceful, loving and creators of art, […]

Bucrania ♰ Cult constructions

Bucrania Sanctuaries Neolithic art, transmitted by myths and legends. Bucranium (plural bucrania; Latin, from Greek βουκράνιον, referring to the skull of an ox) was a form of carved decoration commonly used in Classical architecture. The name is generally considered to originate with the practice of displaying garlanded, sacrificial oxen, whose heads were displayed on the […]

The unbeatable Fortress

⚔️ Suceava Citadel The capital of Moldavia ⚔️ The fortress was first mentioned in 1388, but it was later transformed into a residence castle by Alexander the Good (1400-1432) and strongly fortified by Stephen the Great (1457-1504) when Suceava became the capital of Moldavia. Suceava fortress was built at the end of XIV-th century by […]