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8500 years of continuity * R⊕MANIA Old Europe 🇷🇴 We have all the archaeology, anthropology, genetics, biology, linguistics, geology, folklore etc. to back that up. But it makes it even clearer since the historical documents go hand in hand with the multidisciplinary domains and the research which stands as proof. Open the gates to begin the journey, Pelasgians, the incredible story of mankind, a journey in time, 🇷🇴 a story never told 🇷🇴

A Great Civilization of the Prehistoric World

The First Civilization of EUROPE The Lost World of OLD EUROPE 🇷🇴 Before the glory that was Greece and Rome, even before the first cities of Mesopotamia or temples along the Nile, there lived in the Lower Danube Valley and the Balkan foothills people who were ahead of their time in art, technology and long-distance […]

Romanian millenary Civilization

Astra Museum SIBIU Churches-Houses ✟ Taking into consideration the ground plan of the monument: „pronaos”, „naos” and altar, the presence of the porch running on the long side of it, the entrance at the Western edge, the slope of the roof as well as the material and the constructive system, one can say that the […]

Water 🐉 Dragon

Ancient Dacia 🐉 The legend of Water Dragon The necklace features a metal wolf’s head connected to the armor of the water dragon adorned with embellishments. The entire necklace is created as a three-dimensional piece. The water wolf, designed as a dragon, has fins, armor decorated with embroidery, crystals, sequins, and beads. The dragon’s tail […]