The C R E A T O R S

🔥 Titans v e r s u s Giants ⚔️
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The C R E A T O R S

🔥 Titans
v e r s u s
Giants ⚔️

In the beginning of our era, in a letter sent to the leader of Dacians – Cothyso, the Latin poet Ovid names him and his people “People descended from the Gods”. Six centuries earlier, the Greek poet Pindar, citing Phrenicus of Heraclea, wrote about the Dacians from the north of the Ister (Danube): “The Hyperboreans live in the far parts, near Apollo’s temple. They are wholly unused at war and they come, as traditions say, from the kin of the old titans.”

⚔️ the WAR ⚔️

the Chronicles 20:5: “And there was again war with the Philistines; and Elhanan the son of Jair slew Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite.” Goliath’s brother, Lahmi of Gath is written as the “Gittite” in the Ivrit language, in other words he was a Gittite or a Get.

The creators of the seen
and unseen worlds… 💙💛❤

What if Romania, land of mysteries and legends, could lead us on a trail of universal myths to re-question our origins, not by looking toward the stars, but under our feet?

The Other Land of the Gods is the first documentary film that opens the doors of the mysteries of Romania. Come along on an exclusive investigation in the depth of the Carpathians, land of mystery and unexplained phenomena — underground tunnels, GIANTS, haunted forest, living stones, legendary treasures, excavations of gigantic skeletons, and civilizations still unknown. This is an intriguing and initiatory journey to a legendary land of the gods, unexplored until now.

360 ° ⚔️ The battle of stories ⚔️

Written by Daniel ROȘCA

Se spune că un popor fără tradiții este un popor fără viitor… ! Viitorul copiilor este de fapt viitorul nostru! Copilul tău trebuie să viseze! Copilul tău are nevoie de o ancoră, are nevoie să îşi cunoască cu adevărat rădăcinile. Copilul tău trebuie să viseze la 8500 de ani de continuitate pentru un viitor sigur pentru el… altfel o să rămână singur în necunoscut. Nu-ţi lăsa copilul singur în necunoscut ♦ susține și TU proiectul