Zi: 27 noiembrie 2020

The GETÆ 🏛️ Empire 🏛️

the Pretorian Guard & the Trajan’s GETÆ Campaigns There’s a huge, and I mean really huge discrepancy between the numbers used by the romans for invading other territories, and the GETÆ Empire Capital, Sarmizegetusa REGIA. Romans conquest of Gaul was done with 4 legions, roman conquest of Britain 4 again, roman conquest of Macedonia with […]

The study and evolution of Tărtăria pottery

🇷🇴 Tărtăria 🇷🇴 & the sacred tablets 💙💛❤ During September of 1961, three famous inscribed tablets were unearthed during Nicolae Vlassa’s excavation of the archaeological site of Tartaria. Since their discovery, these Transylvanian artifacts kindled a wave of controversy regarding the possibility that Southeastern Europe developed an archaic script in Neolithic times. Unfortunately, most studies […]