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8500 years of continuity * R⊕MANIA Old Europe 🇷🇴 We have all the archaeology, anthropology, genetics, biology, linguistics, geology, folklore etc. to back that up. But it makes it even clearer since the historical documents go hand in hand with the multidisciplinary domains and the research which stands as proof. Open the gates to begin the journey, Pelasgians, the incredible story of mankind, a journey in time, 🇷🇴 a story never told 🇷🇴

The ancestors of the GETÆ

The Egyptian priests 🇪🇬 & the ancient Carpathian 💙💛❤️ civilization of the 4th millennium Philo of Byblos (64-141), a Phoenician who wrote Phoenician History (some of its fragments being available to these days due to the book Praeparatio Evangelica (I.9), written by Eusebius of Caesarea) also states that Cronos the titan, brother of Atlas, inherited […]

Running with GIANTS

The HYPERBOREANS 🇷🇴 The first Wise MEN 🇷🇴 The Old TITANS 🇷🇴 „Gigantes, Titanis ac terrae filii” Strabon in Geography X,3,19 leaves proof about this weird kin of Idaean Dactyls which were the discoverers of ironwork: “Thus is the difference of opinion which reigns in these traditions: some state that the Corybants, the Cabeiri, the […]


🇷🇴 Prima țară din lume 🇷🇴 care își scrie istoria în NFT Împreună dezvoltăm o comunitate NFT orientată spre sustenabilitate și viitor pornind de la ORIGINI! Armata digitală GETÆ o să cucerească Imperiul Roman și mai mult ca sigur vrei să te aflii în calitate de investitor în echipa câștigătoare. Știm că titulatura de General […]