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NFT P2E experience in Old Europe MultiversX. 🛡 ⚔️ The WAR against the GIANTS 🛡 🏹 a story inspired by real historical facts & real sphinxes from HYPERBOREA, BULGARIA 🇧🇬 East Europe.

360 ° 🇷🇴 🇲🇰 🇦🇱 Old EUROPE 🇲🇩 🇷🇸 🇺🇦

Simbolul solar ☀️ RA ⭐ 1977

Etnogeneza Europei ☀️ ⭐ Magazin Istoric, 🇧🇬 🇷🇸 Ianuarie 1977, Anul XI Nr. 1 🇷🇴 @ Hristo Danov Facultatea de istorie a Universității din Sofia 🇧🇬 Ivan Panaiotov de la Institutul de arheologie din Sofia 🇧🇬 & Acad. Miliutin Garašanin, de la Institutul arheologic din Belgrad 🇷🇸 De cînd datează primele informații despre traci? Care […]

The DRAGON Stalagmite from Măgura CAVE

⭐ Măgura CAVE 🐉 „Magurata” is one of the largest caves in Bulgaria – the total gallery length discovered is about 3600 meters, and the area is estimated at about 33 000 sq. m. so far  with airspace over 220 thousand cub. m. It consists of one main gallery with southwest-northeast oriented and three side branches. The length […]

The Dragons from Belogradchik

The Fortress of Belogradchik The fortress of Belogradchik occupies a strategic location between the Balkan passages „Sveti Nikola” and „Kadu-Boaz”. It came into being during 1-3 A.D. as a small fortress – rampart. The builder skillfully used the inaccessibility of the so called elliptic stone terrace „first plate” and has built it with defensive, observant, […]