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Running with GIANTS

The HYPERBOREANS 🇷🇴 The first Wise MEN 🇷🇴 The Old TITANS 🇷🇴 „Gigantes, Titanis ac terrae filii” Strabon in Geography X,3,19 leaves proof about this weird kin of Idaean Dactyls which were the discoverers of ironwork: “Thus is the difference of opinion which reigns in these traditions: some state that the Corybants, the Cabeiri, the […]

Transylvania 🏛️ Sighișoara

Welcome in the city where 😈 Dracula 😈 was born. Probably the best touristic experience in the world 💙💛❤ Transylvania is best known as the mysterious land… this central Romanian region is a real place bordered to the east by the Carpathian Mountains, ‘the land beyond the forest’ still feels undiscovered. Here’s the lowdown on […]