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Danube 💙💛❤
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Over the last few years, archaeologists have been finding more and more evidence for the existence of a civilisation on the Balkan peninsula which, between the 6th and 4th millennia BC, was using a writing system long before the Mesopotamians.

In his book „The Mystery of the Danube Civilisation : The discovery of Europe’s oldest civilisation” Harald Haarmann provides the first comprehensive insight into this enigmatic Old European culture which, until recently, was unknown. He describes trade routes and settlements, arts and crafts, the mythology and writing system of the Danube Civilisation; he traces its origins to the Black Sea area and shows which cultural influences it had on Ancient Greece and the Near East.

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Jawaharlal Nehru, ex-Prime Minister of India (Discovery of India, Bucharest, The State Publishing House for Political Literature, 1956, p. 77 and 73): “The Vedas are the operas of Aryans who invaded the rich land of India. It is likely that the inclination towards agriculture to have been prompted by newcomers, by the Aryans who infiltrated India in successive waves, coming from Northwest.” 19. Fontes II, p. 19: The Belagines (The Divine Laws) “are the foundation of human civilization.”

The Romanian scientific researcher Gabriel Gheorghe according to the University of Cambridge (The Cambridge History of India): “In the 5th millennium B.C., the Getic Carpathian space was the only space inhabited in Europe; The Carpathian, Getic or Wallachian space has represented the OFFICINA GENTIUM in antiquity, it has fueled with people and civilization, India, Persia, Greece, Italy, Germany, France and the so called Slavic space; The Vedas, the oldest literary monuments of humanity were created in the center of Europe. The primary phase of the Vedic culture began in the Carpathians, most likely in Ardeal. From Ardeal come the ancestors of Indians, Persians, Albanians, Greeks, who left for Macedonia and Thessaly, the Latins, Celts, Germans and the ancestors of Slavs, who came out through the Moravian defile.”

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the Danube SCRIPT @ Harald Haarmann

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