A Great Civilization of the Prehistoric World

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A Great Civilization of the Prehistoric World

Prehistoric World

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Today, more than ever, the understanding of the present and the future is connected to the past. The Cucuteni civilization is the expression of a dynamic, well-organized society that created numerous art objects, which fascinate and touch the modern man. We are happy to acknowledge the recent growing interest in the Cucuteni civilization as demonstrated by the efforts of various colleagues in organizing national and international exhibitions as well as in extensively publishing the available data on this topic. Their work has facilitated the dissemination of the information regarding one of the most astonishing European civilizations.

In this context, the optimal valorization of the collections of various institutions is an imperative step in the process of the European reintegration of the Romanians. We hope that this volume shall inspire other colleagues in trying to present to the public at large the entire Prehistory on Romanian lands, of which Cucuteni is only a small part. Romanian prehistory remains largely unknown, in spite of its numerous treasures that need to be revealed and explained.

The south of Central Europe and the southeast of Europe were the cradle of numerous other civilizations, more precisely of the Old European Civilization, as Maria Gimbutas pointed out. It is difficult to speak of the artists’ art in this ancient Europe, the masterpieces similar to those created by the Cucuteni culture being countless. Amongt hese, we shall point out below only few, which are most impressive to us.

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Egypt. The first civilizations with painted ceramic ware of Egypt, that is the NaquadaI culture (4200 – 3700 B.C.), pertains to phenomena similar to those throughout the whole Mesopotamia, sometimes referred to as the black-rim or black-topped ware, being related to those of the late phases of the Tell Halaf culture.

The Naquada culture is partly contemporary with the Ariușd – Cucuteni civilization and related to the phenomena that led to its occurrence, respectively the Foeni group, with connections toward the Greek Macedonia (Drașovean 2006).

It is difficult to point out the connections between such primary civilizations, but we should not forget that from Vinča, throughout the region of Banat and up to the centre of Transylvania, there comes a painted pottery group with white ornaments on a red or black background, with black rims, whose paste includes a mineral mix, with uncertain origins, but which caused the emergence in Transylvania during the Copper Age of the Petrești culture and the Ariușd group.

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