Untouched landscapes in Eastern Europe

Ancient traditions of Eastern Europe @ Toader Bârsan 💙💛❤
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Untouched landscapes in Eastern Europe

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Paul MacKendrick (Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals): “Rumanians are the members of one of the most remarkable creator states of antiquity. Up in Maramureş there is a place marked as the center of the old continent.”

Japanese university professor Minoru Nambara, specialist in the history of civilizations, wrote: “Maramureș is the primordial village. It is a complex of realities that converge in feeling that here you find yourself in the primordial village. The peasants of Maramureș don’t come from anywhere. You have the feeling they came directly from the Heavens to Maramureș. In other countries you feel, you know the people came from somewhere, but here you don’t have this feeling. Here, in Maramureș, is the primordial man in his princely nobility, not primitive, in his beauty of a high civilization.”

Meet Eva zu Beck who discover the cultures, customs and traditions of Eastern Europe. Eva takes us off-the-beaten-track on a road trip through Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania. We meet the wonderful Balkan people bringing a modern twist to ancient traditions and travel through pristine, untouched landscapes… You might not have planned to visit these countries before but one thing’s for sure – they’re about to become top of your travel bucket list. On Eva’s next stop on her road trip she meets Toader Bârsan, one of the last traditional carpenters in Romania.

Toader lives in Maramures in northern Romania, a fascinating area that feels like stepping back in time. The county has preserved a way of life that most of the EU left decades ago. Toader turns everyday items into intricate wooden sculptures – from a baby’s crib to giant wooden gates that are the pride of many homes in this area.

While his skill has brought him international fame, even visiting the White House, Toader loves his hometown. “I was in America, in Washington. They tried to convince me to stay there, pay me lots,” says Toader. “No, I didn’t accept. There is no country in this world like Romania.” Using just an axe, saw, hammer and chisel, Eva watches in amazement as Toader turns a branch of a tree into a beautiful serving spoon. She also attempts to add some pressure by timing his sculpting. How long do you think it takes Toader to craft a kitchen utensil with basic tools?

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