Etichetă: 8500 years of continuity

Buzău UNESCO Global Geopark

The land of LUANA In the Carpathian Bend Area in Romania, the hilly and mountainous territory of the Buzău Land UNESCO Global Geopark covers 1,036 km² and is home to some 45,000 inhabitants. Several tectonic plates collided in the region, creating a very complex fold and thrust mountain range which was later eroded by glacial […]

The story of GAYA

The MYTH of GAYA Once upon a time… GAIA was, in both Romanian and Greek mythologies, the primordial goddess, a personification of the planet Earth – or Terra in the Roman version of the story. In Greek legends, she was regarded as the central figure from which other gods were created. It is a story […]

The ancestors of the GETÆ

The Egyptian priests 🇪🇬 & the ancient Carpathian 💙💛❤️ civilization of the 4th millennium Philo of Byblos (64-141), a Phoenician who wrote Phoenician History (some of its fragments being available to these days due to the book Praeparatio Evangelica (I.9), written by Eusebius of Caesarea) also states that Cronos the titan, brother of Atlas, inherited […]