The fearless ⚔️ GETÆ WARRIORS

The domination of Asia 🇷🇴 ONE NATION 🇷🇴 GETÆ
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The fearless ⚔️ GETÆ WARRIORS

The domination of Asia

Justinus about the Geto DACIANS WARRIORS, after Trogus Pompeius: “Three times they achieved the domination of Asia, but they themselves remained continuously either untouched, or undefeated by some foreign power. Darius the Persian king, they drove him out of Scythia through shameful escape; they crushed Cyrus and his whole army; Zopyrion, general of Alexander the Great, they made him disappear the same way with all of his armies; the Roman armies knew them from hearsay, they didn’t sense them. As well they founded the Parthian Empire and the Bactrian. Line of strong people, resistant to endeavors and wars, their body strength was astonishing; they didn’t do anything of what they would have feared of losing and victorious, they do not fierily want anything, except glory.”

The Cappadocian Strabo in his work Geography at VII, 3, writes of the world within the empire and from around, surviving until our times information about the Getae and their mato (leader):

Boerobista, 🏛️ noble GETÆ 🏛️, after taking upon himself the power over his people, set about to rebuild it after its frequent disasters. And through tireless work, moderation and discipline, he managed in a short time to create a large empire and to subdue to the Getae all neighboring peoples. The Romans even started to become uneasy when they saw him brazenly crossing the Istrus to devastate Thrace all the way to Macedonia and Illyria, desolating the Celts mixed with the Thracians and Illyrians, annihilating even the Boii of Cristasir and the Taurisci people.”


Robert Sheringham, De Anglorum Gentis origine disceptatio: “So even Pliny, Mela, Solinus, shows the Getes as the people of Thrace. All Thracians had been one nation, meaning the Getes, Mela confesses (1st century A.D.).”

I have shown that the weapons of the Getes had been victorious in Scythia, Thrace, Dacia, Moesia, at the Ister and the Black Sea and I said that they had different names in those regions, because of the variety of their dwellings; but all of them were named Getes, with the same name, by the Greeks and the Latins. However, these (people), with the passing of time, brought their troops and standards to the last borders of Europe, and, an even more aggressive fact, they had managed and mellowed the fiery Romans, as well as Rome itself, and it is said that they had exhausted the Roman Empire so much, that from then on it was easier to be maneuvered by other peoples out of who most of them, catching the occasion, had become brave from then on, casting away their long slavery and tiresome barring. Then, for the first time, the Getes were known by the Romans and the Greeks under the name of Goths; however, since then they are named by writers sometimes Getes, sometimes Goths.”

About these (Getes/Goths), there is an absolute accordance at the old authors who lived in that time of the Gothic war;… Orosius who wrote his History during the century of the emperors Arcadius and Honorius (when the Goths, under Alaric’s rule had raided Italy), says that the Getes were of Gothic kin and that under the name of Goths they devastated the Roman Empire; soon, he says, those Getes who are now named Goths, about whom Alexander declared that they must be avoided, of whom Pyrrhus had been terrified and whom Caesar left alone, after they had all invaded the Roman provinces, because their dwellings and all their cities had been abandoned and emptied, and for a long time they had shown themselves frightening, are hoping now through appeals to obtain the association with the Romans by vow, although they could have obtained it by arms.

Even Hieronymus (About faith, Book II, Chapter IV), when Ambrosius and others believe that Gog and Magog had been Goths, he confesses that the same Gog and Magog were never named Getes by the old authors…

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