Running with GIANTS



🇷🇴 The first Wise MEN 🇷🇴 The Old TITANS 🇷🇴Gigantes, Titanis ac terrae filii” Strabon in Geography X,3,19 leaves proof about this weird kin of Idaean Dactyls which were the discoverers of ironwork: “Thus is the difference of opinion which reigns in these traditions: some state that the Corybants, the Cabeiri, the Idaean Dactyls and the Telchines were the same as the Curetes; others claimed that they are merely related, and distinguishable through small differences; but, roughly speaking and in general, all of them, without exception, were a type of fanatics and bacchants which, in the guise of sacred servants, would strike the spirits during sacred celebrations, partaking of games with noise and uproar, being armed and clanging cymbals, drums and weapons, and also with flutes and outcries.”

From the hearth of ❤️ 💛 💙
the creation of the world 🇷🇴

He calls the Corybants the sons of Chronus, thus of the Celestial Father “being themselves the same as the Cabeiri” therefore the old titans from around the Carpathians and coming from the hearth of the creation of the world! Come here in HYPERBOREA and run with the giants:

Sustine Povestea Locurilor

🇷🇴 reBranding ROMANIA 🇷🇴
CSR project by B2B Strategy
Written by Daniel ROȘCA

Se spune că un popor fără tradiții este un popor fără viitor… ! Viitorul copiilor este de fapt viitorul nostru! Copilul tău trebuie să viseze! Copilul tău are nevoie de o ancoră, are nevoie să îşi cunoască cu adevărat rădăcinile. Copilul tău trebuie să viseze la 8500 de ani de continuitate pentru un viitor sigur pentru el… altfel o să rămână singur în necunoscut. Nu-ţi lăsa copilul singur în necunoscut ♦ susține și TU proiectul


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